The Danger of Accepting Counter Offers


Nothing in this world feels better than landing the job of your dreams. After spending significant time researching and applying; you’ve got it and its time to hand in your resignation. Although you are ready to resign have you considered what to do if your current employer presents you with a counter offer?

While more money, a new title or whatever other bargaining chip presented to you is flattering, how will you react to a counter offer? In today’s employment market, as a result of high staff turnover many companies are responding to resignations with counter offers. If a counter offer is made in the first place, you can expect it to be a relatively aggressive one at that. While you may be dazed by your employers offer, you need to be well aware of the consequences of accepting a counter offer. Remember that replacing staff is a hindrance that no employer wants to undertake. Finding replacement staff is not only expensive but time consuming as well. Aside from recruitment costs, training and induction of new staff costs a pretty penny. It is for this reason that most employers will be quick to react to a resignation with a counter offer. Again while this may make you finally feel appreciated. Guarding yourself from accepting counter offers as the repercussions may be damaging to your credibility. Consider the following three scenarios regarding counter offers and think twice before accepting them in future.

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