Senior Manger IT Infrastructure

Job Details

Job Role:

Senior Infrastructure Leader with a deep knowledge of infrastructure components, including firewalls, storage, backups, cloud-native architecture, load balancers, and servers, is responsible for leading and managing the infrastructure team.

Lead, mentor, and manage the infrastructure team, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet operational goals and continuously improve their skills.

Collaborate with architects and engineers to design and architect infrastructure solutions, ensuring scalability, availability, infrastructure to enhance performance and efficiency.

Leverage deep knowledge of cloud-native architecture to optimize cloud infrastructure, ensuring efficient resource utilization and cost-effectiveness.

Implement and oversee security best practices and ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations. Work closely with the security team to protect infrastructure from cyber threats.

Oversee storage solutions and backup strategies, ensuring data integrity, availability, and Develop and maintain disaster recovery plans and procedures to ensure infrastructure resilience and business continuity.