RM Priority Banking (UAE National)

Job Details

To attract, deepen, grow, and manage financial relationships with affluent clients, using the full range of banking products and tools, utilizing a team-based approach to provide complete solutions to client’s financial needs

Key Accountabilities of the Role    


  1.  Client/ Business Acquisition:
    •    Generating new business via our marketing activities, gold center contacts, and existing network
    •    Increasing team revenue and productivity by cross-selling and up-selling.
    •    Acquiring new to bank customers
    •    Identifying new potential expansion locations
    •    Converting inbound and outbound leads to sales
    •    Building a strong trust relationship with key customers
    •    Maintaining a loyal pool of customers/alliances who refer potential customers
    •    Carrying out the function(s) of promoting the financial products.
    •    Collection of the required information and data
    •    Evaluation of the client’s ability and appetite to handle the risks (Risk Profile) and the detailed functions associated therewith.
  2.  Channels Cooperation:
    •    Making referrals to other channels based on identified customer needs
    •    Smoothly implementing Priority Banking services across surrounding branches
  3.  Management of service delivery:
    •    Monitoring service levels for customer satisfaction
    •    Customer retention efforts with personal involvement in complaint resolution, account closures and inquiries.
    •    Getting ad-hoc customer feedback.
  4.  Control and Risk Mitigation:
    •    Reviewing credit applications
    •    Adhering to laid-out processes and procedures
    •    Ensuring appropriate and adequate documentation
    •    Identifying trends of errors and proactively advising processes improvements

Specialist Skills / Technical Knowledge, Technical Competencies Required for this role:

  •  University degree or a recognized professional certificate.
    •    Experience of no less than three years in the area of financial analysis, financial markets, investment, wealth management, or financial planning.
    •    Experience in sales, product development, or wealth advisory to priority banking customers/ retail HNIs
    •    Broad knowledge of Retail Credit & Operational Policies & Procedures
    •    Specific Knowledge of UAE banking practices, regulations & risks
    •    UAE Financial Rules & Regulations Certification
    •    International Certificate in Wealth and Investment Management (Level 3)
    •    Risk in Financial Services Certification
    •    International Certificate in Advanced Wealth Management (Level 4)
    •    Good Knowledge of competitors in the local market
    •    Detailed knowledge of service standards
    •    Training & Presentation skills
    •    Computer Skills

Previous experience:    

Minimum (5) years of Related Banking experience in the U.A.E