Complaint manager (AVP) (UAE National)

Job Details

Job Purpose:

  1. Manage and motivate the team to improve customer satisfaction scores constantly and visibly, through complaint resolution.
  2. Ensure full regulatory compliance on complaints handling as per CPR standards.
  3. To manage Central Bank & Regulatory related queries, complaints handling end-to-end, along with other escalated, unstructured & complex complaints in an effective and timely manner.
  4. To effectively manage the Central Bank TAT, by timely logging & posting the complaints on daily basis
  5. To maintain courteous, proactive, and resolution-oriented relationship with Regulatory bodies’ (Central Bank, AECB) contact persons and all internal units/ departments of the bank in order to ensure complete resolution of customer complaints

Key Result Areas:

  • To develop and maintain optimum level of service quality with external and internal customer by ensuring complaints resolution in reasonable TAT as per SLAs
  • Resolve, escalate all customer complaints assigned within agreed TAT
  • Be an internal and external Communication specialist, recommend template-based responses for queries and recurring complaints and vet all responses to sensitive channels like Vendors, Central bank and social media
  • Ensure 100% of the complaints are logged and updated in the systems before, during and after resolution
  • Training front-end staff by conducting structured and unstructured programs to enhance their service delivery skills
  • Improve customer satisfaction through efficient handling of customer queries / complaints without compromising on operational controls of any units and broader compliance requirements within the agreed reasonable TAT as per SLAs
  • Contribute towards publishing periodic dashboards with root-cause-analysis of complaints, suggest proactive and permanent resolves by owning the customer and their issue end-to-end
  • Make financial decisions within the Authority delegation for all products to over manage Customer Experience and enhance overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Responsible for motivating and indirectly managing teams within through regular huddles, engaging, interaction, trainings, team-building exercises and career development

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

  • Understanding of Regulatory / Central Bank regulations / standards
  • Strong Analytical ability to analyze and comprehend situations and data to provide logical insights, resolutions and recommend processes and product improvements.
  • Should possess exceptional abilities to handle complexities of stakeholder engagement with regards to problem resolution
  • 4 – 6 years’ work experience in managing quality, business processes, service levels, generic banking processes.
  • Should have exposure to complaints management and service recovery processes and or customer service.
  • Graduate