AVP ESG Risk Governance

Job Details

Job Role

Develop and oversee implementation of ESG risk governance policies and procedures, in order for Bank to be socially and environmentally sustainable and comply with regulatory and internationally recognized best practices. Support development of ESG Risk metrics in order to enable effective monitoring and reporting to Management and Board. Maintain in depth understanding of interactions of ESG risk and Climate risk with other key risk types (like Credit, Market, Liquidity, etc.) to enable effective mitigations in coordination with stakeholders.

Job Responsibility

  • Develop Bank’s ESG risk governance policies and procedures to enable effective management.
  • Ensure comprehensive, accurate and timely reporting on ESG risk matters to Management and Board.
  • Oversee the management of climate risk in terms of physical risks, transition risks and liability risks and ensure the same are duly reported upon to Management and Board.
  • Implement standalone as well as group wide ESG risk assessment while developing and tracking remediation plans to ensure timely resolution.
  • Provide technical expertise on critical issues related to environmental and social impact assessment and on sustainability risks in the development of Bank products as well as strategic initiatives.
  • Support development of the Bank’s ESG Risk appetite and tolerance metrics in order to provide an objective view to the Management and Board.
  • Review Bank’s sustainability reports and other public disclosures to ensure clear articulation in line with regulatory requirement and best practices.
  • Report on and disseminate good practices and generated knowledge.
  • Mentor and develop team member skills by cross training with goal of embedding ESG view in overall risk management.