Head of Strategy -Domestic Corporate Banking Group

Job Details

Job Purpose

  • Responsible for managing the strategic planning process for the Group, which involves clearly defining the objectives of the Group, assessing both the internal and external situation (SWOT analysis) including observing and studying trends, formulating the strategy, and following up continuously on the implementation, evaluation of the progress, and reporting on the progress to top management.
  • Identify and suggest the best way for the Group to achieve those objectives stated in the strategy. This includes identifying the resources (market intelligence, reports, manpower, etc…) needed to meet the goals and provide comprehensive reports regarding improvements or changes needed to reach current and future goals.
  • Monitor progress and follow up rigorously regarding progress towards achieving specific goals stated in the strategic business plan.
  • Create a chain of communication and facilitation meetings intended to ensure that all people involved in the implementation of our strategy are on track and adequately informed of the progress.
  • Responsible for analysis and preparation of key management reports on a regular basis including strategy documents, monthly progress reports, quarterly portfolio analysis, quarterly competitive market share analysis, research on Investment Cos, and many other reports.

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities

  • Contribute thought leadership around DCBG strategy and strategic goals Translate the strategy into feasible operational processes, and communicate it clearly to all stakeholders and make sure that implementation is planned and done in accordance with management guidelines.
  • Perform insight analysis on the Group’s business goals and what factors will contribute to or impede the ability to realize those goals as well as a comparison of competitors’ current and future strategies, review of current and future financial needs, and forecasting future economic and clients’ trends.
  • Develop and facilitate communication and reporting channels to support strategic initiatives, which includes team meetings and collect needed feedback
  • Responsible for periodic reporting related to Strategy Implementation, Business Trends, Profitability, Asset Growth, Portfolio Analysis, Attraction of new clients, Asset Movements, Committee Decisions, Cross Sell activities, Updated forecasts, Market share, Market intelligence, and other ad hoc reporting.
  • Ensure that appointed staffs in the Strategy and PMO unit are adequately skilled and capable of performing the relevant functions, and to ensure that all relevant implementation tools are updated and refined where applicable.

Educational Qualifications & Experience

Master’s degree in economics, finance, or business administration.

Master’s and CFA are considered valuable.

Minimum 5 years’ experience in a business-related field (preferable in the financial sector).